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About Us

About Us

We can bring the world closer together through music.

What We Do

The Uprise Music is a very unique sound. We call it EuroFunk. Having grown up in Europe, Africa and America, I came to really enjoy and appreciate different cultures as well as music. My wife introduced me to Baile Funk music, which is from Brazil and I fell in love with it. The idea behind the music is a fundamental understanding that music is universal and connects us all. So we set about creating a sound that incorporates elements of Funk from Brazil, hip hop from America, pop music as well as grime from the U.K. , and Afro beat from Africa. We wanted everyone who hears it to recognise certain aspects of it, but also be completely unfamiliar with the unique sound.

We want everyone to have ownership of the music because that is our view of how we want the world to be. And that is connected. We can bring the world closer together through music.

  1. Babe-ur-Cool Andi 1:00
  2. Chat-Chat Grace Rhodes 1:00
  3. Friends 1:00
  4. Gale Mikes/Wizzy 1:00
  5. Instagram Grace Rhodes 1:00
  6. Mamacita Mikes/Wizzy/Andi/kads 1:00
  7. Me-Too Grace Rhodes 1:00
  8. My-Own-Thing Grace Rhodes 1:00
  9. Pagan Andi/Grace 1:00

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