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My Story

Grace Isabelle Rhodes (Grace) is 21 years old British artist born in Worcestershire, England 18th December 1996. Her parents are British and she has one brother who is 18 years old.

Grace has been performing ever since she was a child and trained weekly alongside school in all areas; singing, dancing and acting.

At 16 after finishing school she attended Birmingham Ormiston Academy, where she trained predominantly in Dance.

Grace wanted to cover all aspects of performance training and knew she was already covering acting and singing outside of college and wanted to focus on dance whilst at BOA.

At 18 years old she gained a place at Laine Theatre Arts where she then moved to London to further her training at the full time performing arts establishment for three years.

At Laine we are trained in all areas; Singing, Dance, acting, voice and text ect; the institute prepared her for all aspects of the performing arts industry.

She loves singing and creating and has always wanted to have a platform like this where she creates music to inspire people and shares her passion for performing.

Grace has been lucky enough to explore a new genre of music and widen her styles as a performer. This opportunity that the platform has given her, has enabled her to do so and together as a team, have been able to create this vision.

Grace’s hobbies and interests outside of performing are; Shopping, Coffee, gym, cooking, skiing (growing up she used to be a slalom ski racer and would train every week) and Photography.

Grace Rhodes

I’ve always wanted to have a platform like this where I can create music to inspire people and share my passion for performing.